Healing Trauma And Balancing The Chakras For Each Zodiac Sign.

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Healing Trauma And Balancing The Chakras For Each Zodiac Sign.

The sign of explosive expression & passionate action. Aries energy provokes, it inspires, with this energy you get always the ball rolling making you the first one out the gate. During childhood, your most formative years, you were surely stifled by those who had low energy and couldn’t handle the spontaneous childlike expressive side of you. You were probably told to sit still and shut up, that you were disturbing the class distracting others. You’ve probably lived a life of action and fun, but one filled with conflict as your energy triggers and offends those who take themselves entirely too seriously, you are the SpongeBob to their Squidward in a sense.

Too many encounters with these Squidward like energies and this may leave you feeling like you have to dim your light constantly to be accepted by a rigid slow-moving world. Unlearning this behavior by affirming that it’s okay to be the authentic, strong, emotionally expressive and action-oriented you will help you to reintegrate this aspect of your inner child. We learn through school that the only acceptable behavior is to be robotic and practical, you need to know that the world needs your childlike spontaneity and spark of life to shine new paths bringing life to the monotony. You give people the confidence they need to finally throw caution to the find, choosing instead to take a chance at living their real dream. You give people the childlike, unrelenting, unshakable belief in themselves which is why people feel so comfortable taking risks around you.

We need you at full capacity, so that we have an example of what it’s like to live unapologetically,fully believing in one’s own ability, even if it doesn’t make sense at the moment! Nobody came into this world perfect and fully equipped, it’s AFTER we take the first steps that we learn the lessons and the mastery. This is one of the metaphors of Aries energy, which is illustrated by toddlers. Baby’s doesn’t wait for anybody to tell it it’s okay to walk now, it’s okay to do this, it’s okay to do that it just DOES! And through doing first and asking questions later it slowly builds up mastery, enough to eventually stand tall on its two feet. This is a metaphor for life, we need to realize that all paths of mastery require YOU FIRST to take the step! Don’t wait for anybody to come along and give you the go-ahead, it’s up to you to take your rightful place!

When everybody is lost and bored with life, here comes you to get everybody fired up and excited about this NEW fun an exciting project you’ve thought of. You’ve got the spark, you’ve got the energy, and so because of this, you have the gift to inspire people to believe in themselves again. Aries people know how to talk to the inner child in everyone they meet. They know how to rekindle old dimmed flames, and they know how to cut through pretense, false personas, and masks. This doesn’t always make you friends however, as people who hide behind carefully constructed egos and personas don’t like the intensity you put them under! You provoke extreme reactions in people and leave others either loving you or hating you, but whether its love or hate, it’s going to be passionate!

To heal as an Aries, go back to everything you wanted to do as a child creatively and find a way to DO THAT. Aries needs to be front and center, they need a creative outlet for all that intense firey energy. When you find yourself in an environment where you can’t express your imagination loud and proud, all that fire starts to slowly burn YOU instead of lighting up the day for others. The best place for an Aries is not sitting still punching papers, but on the go and moving, get a team together and embark on a journey, get a mic in front of your face and speak your truth! Whether your singing into the mic or reciting a speech you need to be on the go embarking on a new creative, artistic journey.

Taurus – Relationships that sour or end badly leave the biggest mark on Taurus, be the bigger person and restore those relationships that ended badly so you can heal and move on. Give the person a call or text, honestly wanting to squash the fighting so you can move on from whatever drama may have occurred. That’s IF you feel its a relationship that is salvageable, use your discernment. Otherwise only time and some of the other techniques I mention in this PDF will help. Earth energy, although strong FEELS deeply the loss of a friend or lover, as the earth feels ripping out of a tree from its roots only now feeling the emptiness of a space once filled and brimming with life.

Earth rules the sign of Taurus and therefore we can draw many parallels between mother nature and earth signs themselves. Once you understand how deeply interconnected and rooted everything in nature is then you will begin to understand the sign of Taurus. Taurians know that they don’t need to move anywhere, they understand by their nature that if they dig their heels in and stay firmly planted in one area, eventually they will sprout and begin producing fruit, its this fruit, and the natural abundance,fertility,stability and love that Taurian energy brings to people that keep these natives constantly surrounded and networked with strong authentic bonds.

Taurus energy requires foundation and stability to feel balanced, so therefore if you grew up in a hectic unstable environment, or are in one right now, you are putting your spirit through chaos and it will manifest a situation where either you rectify the situation or leave. Growing up in a poor household where finances were always an issue would leave a huge mark on a Taurus Sun. Luckily Taurians naturally attract wealth and stability in life so if you grew up around a bunch of chaotic unstable people you were probably the only ones to make it out! Never the less growing up in that situation, feeling locked away from the abundance you feel is rightly yours would cause tremendous stress for a Taurus Sun Sign, especially if word got out that your household was in that state.

You can rectify this imbalance by affirming that within you is a connection to the divine, to the universe and to the ancestral lineage of earth, that using your own powers of manifestation and dedication you can create what your parents couldn’t for yourself. Going into nature, a place of infinite giving, a place that’s just overflowing with fruit and love will restabilize and heal this void in you, reminding you that you don’t need external signs of abundance because the greatest things in life, a walk in the park, viewing the sunset on the ocean and picking organic natural apples from a tree are all free.

Finding ways to bring stability in your current state will also help to right the wrongs of the past, investing in an area and spending the time to create deep roots will do wonders for your mental health. Patience is key though, which you probably understand better then anyone, it takes time to build a solid foundation and so therefore if your coming from a shaky one know that it will take an extended period of time to build yours. One of your biggest gifts as a Taurus is your amazing ability to set up deep roots, and inevitably attracting people to you through your warmth, stability, and magnetism. Choosing to use attraction, instead of forcefulness in your relationships you have the ability to be a central hub for people taking multiple friend groups and merging them into 1 around you. Taurians are the matchmakers of the Zodiac wheel and as such, you should have no issues meeting the people, and making bringing the right team together to focus and follow through on whatever the task is at hand.

Quick thinking, sometimes even quick-talking that is – IF you have a mouth fast enough to keep up with your mind! Sometimes introverted, sometimes extroverted it all depends on the self-esteem of the Gemini in question. If you grew up in an environment where your intellect and racing thoughts could be bounced off of other people without them getting confused or flustered then you probably went out into the world with that same expectation that other people would like to hear what you have to say.

Gemini is the sign of communication and relating with others intellectually, you may have received trauma from people reacting emotionally to your purely logical expression, or somebody trying to silence your voice. If you grew up in an environment where your intellectual insights were constantly being ignored or overshadowed by more loudmouth brash shows of expression then this left a trauma on you and your throat chakra is affected by this. You also may have experienced this negative blowback for your communicative power from close water signs in your life who get anxiety stricken being around air energy, surrounding yourself in environments where your talents can shine and be accepted in the right light is important.

Keeping fire and air signs around you can bounce ideas off them without worrying about being “too much” is important because you’re probably used to holding back, worrying if you’re being too chatty or worse, you keep it all bottled up expecting nobody to care anyway. The more you hold in your thoughts and intellectual creativity the more these thoughts replay in your own mind creating loops and racing anxious thinking patterns.

Air is an expressive element your mantra should always be “better out than in!” Water signs don’t understand that talking for air signs IS therapy and its the natural way you want to relate to people. Keeping your thoughts to your self is just causing the energy to become stale within your energy body, which causes energetic mold and blockages. This is why its key to be in places where you can let it flow without the constant worry of over-talking or offending delicate souls!

Cancer is the 4th sign of the Zodiac, the sign of connection, the sign of love and the sign of care from the heart space. Its also the energetic correspondent to the heart Chakra, the 4th Chakra and the Chakra of connection, love, and care also from the heart space. What we know about the sign of cancer is that it’s ruled by the moon, and the moon is a feminine energy relating to reaction, responses, emotions and what you value. Therefore heart Chakra is the most important and relevant Chakra in a Cancers life.

When this Chakra is imbalanced the Cancer native is thrown into chaos and tumultuous times. When the heart Chakra is balanced, then you feel like you can go forward in life feeling loved and cared for which gives you the emotional stability to go out into a shaky unpredictable world. As long as the heart Chakra is balanced, which means, as long as the HOME is in balance (either the external home or the internal home), as long as the relationship with your mother, childhood friends and family are healthy and connected, then you too are also in that same state.

This is because cancers mirror their environment, they catch things, they catch vibes, emotions, weird energy, a slight wince in the face indicating somethings wrong, etc, etc. Remember water holds memory, its a container, and the way you create good circulation is through sharing the feelings and vibes you’ve come across day today. Cancers sned out waves, they push out strong currents of emotional energy and by nature shift the emotional tenor of a room based on their state of being. if your in an environment that’s toxic, then you’d be sharing all that toxicity with the people you love, sending out toxic waves instead of loved ones.

You need to take care of yourself FIRST so that you can take care of others! Always remember that YOU’RE the center, YOUR the nexus point that keeps the family together, whether it’s in your career, or the family at home, everywhere you go you become a key person for keeping everybody together and harmonized. Your the one who eases the stress, and who keeps the hotheads cool and keeps things growing and connected instead of falling into conflict and division.

Leos carry over much cancer influence due to the proximity of each sign. The difference between Leo’s and Cancers is that Leos CARE DEEPLY, but they care deeply about LEO energy! They care deeply about taking center stage and being perceived in the light THEY want others to see! They care about honor, life long bonds and carrying out duty no matter what. They care about uplifting others and creating the RIGHT kind of Leo-like fun exciting energy in the room so that everybody ELSE can feel like THEY TOO can be the best versions of themselves. Leos want to inspire and create big grand memories and moments in their day to day interactions and as long term goals they also want the CREDIT TOO.

What could dethrone a lion and cast them down out of his rightful place you might ask? Capricorns. No just kidding, well kinda, Leo’s inherently want to be creative and fun, its through this exploration of drama and show, that the Leo LEARNS HOW TO BE A LEO, if your not given that chance to be that spontaneous, super extrovert grabbing everyone’s attention and entertaining the crowd then this can scar a Leo.

Getting your creative attempts to take the stage shot down by overly serious, stern earth sign energy could be what’s left a lasting mark on you and it could be holding you back! As a Leo, you NEED a space where you can be yourself and not feel overbearing trying to correct you! I don’t care if you live in a Russian gulag, go out and find the nearest drama studio, go practice an art, go to an open mic night! Your spirit demands this!

Take those chains off, leave memories and the old you in the past, by carving out a new you each and every day, create those new memories! Create those new connections! Go where you’ll be received and loved! Because somewhere out there, exists a group of people who need and want what you have to offer to this world! Leo is ruled by the SUN, this energy wants to be SEEN and FELT if your sun is in Leo then shine baby shine!

Nervous, helpful, shy (not when dishing out A1 advice), and extremely introverted (again not when you’re explaining all the details, then you probably won’t stop talking) the depths to which a Virgo will overthink a situation knows no bounds. How do I know this? Well, I’m a Virgo sun of course! So like in most situations, this paragraph will be a long, detailed, cutting list of advice about other people which I will deliver flawlessly and not follow for myself. With that being said, right off the bat, I can tell you that your biggest source of conflict, drama, trauma and whatever other negative adjective you want to use would be 2 things.

1. Overusing the head and getting stuck thinking, instead of using the feet and taking action. In other words, being picky to the point where you pick nothing, therefore losing out on opportunities and getting stuck in depressive holes. Remember taking imperfect action is better than just stagnating, and the emotional state of doing nothing and planning is an addictive one to a Virgo, so you probably LOVE to stay in that stage! But do you know what’s actually more fun the planning? Actually DOING the thing you’ve been planning so diligently.

Virgo seasons in the September fall harvest season, it’s a time that provokes you to get your shit together so you don’t freeze to death in the coming winter, picking apart what’s needed and what’s not needed, setting up blueprints and plans, and not missing a detail. So naturally, you’d want to be in a situation where you can be around cool heads planning and analyzing, therefore the biggest trauma or friction for you would be when people question your judgment. Virgo is a mutable sign, meaning changeable and adaptable, this means there’s always going to be a steady flow of facts and information that stream into a Virgo’s life, provoking new thoughts, new patterns and new ways of living day to day

.The way a Virgo makes sense and brings stability to all this information is through a strong sense of judgment! And a strong analytical ability. If you got people second-guessing your advice, casting doubt on your judgment OR constantly taking offence when you try to bring structure to their life by building a blueprint then this will manifest FRICTION and unnecessary stress in your life. Your Virgo! You’re the filter for which bad ideas come through and good ideas come out.

Virgo is a motherly energy, its a pull up your pants mister and situp straight kinda energy! With that being said, go where you’re needed, go where you wanted and loved, somebody out there is crying out for help, struggling to get their life together and YOU have ALL the information facts, and ability to put this person in order again. YOU have the psychic analytical ability to break down exactly what’s holding this person back so use this superpower for GOOD instead of wasting it.

2. Your next biggest blockage would is when you’re being overly critical and stuck in a logical blueprint planning mode all the time. When in Rome, do as the Romans, when at a house party, not everyone’s In the correct emotional mind state to receive advice about the new low carb diet you read about in an article yesterday. Knowing where to bring that Virgo Encyclopedia supercomputer mind of yours, and knowing when to bring out the calm, fun, spontaneous you will help you to smoothly flow through life.

Knowing whether to dish out advice gently or harshly, knowing when, where and what situations call for it is a life path for all Virgos everywhere. The Chakra most susceptible to imbalance through trauma is the Root Chakra for Virgo. Root Chakra colours are auburn, brown, black, red exactly the colors of the autumn of fall during Virgo season. Virgo season is the time when we get in touch with our roots, as we begin the harvest so that we can be safe, secure and well prepared for what’s to come.

The connection is obvious between the ROOT Chakra and our ancestors literally pulling collecting and accounting for all the roots being pulled out whether their potato roots, carrot roots, etc, etc. The ROOT of anything play the role of ensuring security through foundation for the whole, is this not the exact role Virgos play in their life and everybody else’s? People always complaining, but we just want everybody to be safe! LOL. The root Chakra is the most important energetic center for Virgos. When this Chakra is imbalanced it looks and feels like something immanently BAD is going to occur NOW unless you do the dishes, call your bank, fix your diet… what I mean to say is, when your Root Chakra is imbalanced, it creates a feeling of extreme anxiety which plays out in you over planning and being controlled by anxious thoughts to attempt to bring organization to every facet of your life.

When in reality, that’s all an illusion and you probably would be absolutely fine with even 10% of the effort and thought you put into whatever it is your currently attempting to perfect. Practical steps for healing and balancing the root Chakra include deep meditative breathing exercises with your butt (root) on the grass (soil). When you firmly plant yourself in the healing chamber that’s called nature and you pull up the life force energy up out of the earth using visualization, you’re placed firmly in an energetic state of safety and comfort. When you enter this state, you then feel comfortable to process and deal with latent trauma that’s occurred in your life.

Trauma can only arise when you feel secure, its a safety latch on your energetic system so that you don’t

start profusely sobbing at the workplace or on a dinner date with a new guy you met on tinder. If you never actually allow the mind to spin down into 1st gear, the engine will never cool, and before you know it you got years of wear and tear on you and your only 22 feeling like 55. Lavender, chamomile, root veggies like potatoes, carrots, dandelion root all help to bring into a space of feeling solid and well-grounded.

The oh so beautiful Libra, elegant, educated, socially adept and willing to compromise, the Venusian rulership of this sign is absolutely apparent! Open-minded, willing to dabble and explore in all of life’s vices and pleasures but always able to pull back into a state of harmony, being mindful not to overeat life’s pleasure but being open to all of it. Libra is magnetic, its an alluring kind of energy, you know how to pull through your language. Communicating in a soft refined way being especially adept in romantic exchanges, never being too forward but tossing your romantic gestures to your recipient softly allowing them to show iniative. A true cardinal administring the air, going over and around rather than through, using a light touch and the right charm, instead of the heavy hand and brute force to get their way.

This is the makeup of Libra, and so they value most of all fairness, equanimity, peace, and compromise. Being so open, and the magnetic Venusian force that you are, you may have attracted a whole cadre of different partners, working through each of them discovering what you like. However, not every relationship is going to leave you unscratched, Libra is the sign of relating, that’s all you want to do, so if you’ve ever found yourself in a position where you were stuck in a relationship with somebody hard-headed and loud-mouthed you may find you’ve met a match you’re diplomatic skills can’t mediate.

Manipulative people and narcissists are the true kryptonite for Libras. Taking, taking never giving and using force and manipulation to take advantage of your good open nature would for sure be a recipe for disaster. And what’s worse is that Libras are notoriously bad for exiting relationships after they’ve gone toxic, choosing to instead attempt to remedy what’s already a toxic individual through even more compromise, and even more compromise until something snaps, and forces you to leave.

You need to learn in life that not everything can be solved with a light touch, harmony and more compromise sometimes you need to be Aries like and PUNCH that person squarely in the face (kidding don’t do that). Not everything needs a workaround, and not everyone can be reasoned with if your manipulative senses start tingling GTFO. Because they will drag you into a never-ending argument or situation you’ll have to fight hard to get out of. Moreover using your deductive gifts to weigh the facts on somebody to even see if they’re worth the investment will save you lots of aches and pains in the future.

Libra is also the sign of sex, because sex goes beyond just physical sex, sex is a communion between 2 different energies coming together, its connection. Libras know so much about sex because all their life they’ve been doing it through their words, and action, saying exactly the right thing to pull in energy (people) to join them or to cooperate with them in some way. This is why Libras have SO many friends because they know how to use their energy cooperatively with people, mixing and melding it to bring about something better.

What I’m getting at here, is that the trauma that’s most likely been holding you back and causing you the most problems in your life has come about from having TOO MUCH SEX (non-physical or physical) TOO MANY relationships, TOO MANY PEOPLE, Who even likes you? Whos really there for you? Do they love you, or do they love the way you made them feel by relating to what they wanted to hear! By being too relatable, you lose yourself. Just remember, not everybody deserves your connection, and indeed that could be a connection that serves to drain and bring you down.

Scorpio – The deep dark and dense murky water which would leave most traumatized and scared to the core is reality you probably find yourself immersed under every day. Constantly battling the undersea monsters and demons of the underworld, Scorpios learn what kind of strength they possess through immense pressure and flame (life experience), so that, all that’s contaminated and impure may reach a perfected diamond state by way of extreme pressure and darkness which is the only place diamonds are formed. For it’s only in the dark, stripped away of all illusions, made to grapple with the most potent forces of life, sex, death, transformative experience, deep desires, addiction, etc that one can rise above these forces.

Putting them in their rightful place, under YOUR DOMINION under YOUR CONTROL so that no longer can any energy control you, you are now the master and controller of YOUR own life. Whatever internal battles you’ve been experiencing as a Scorpio I want you to realize that you’re transmuting lower energy and turning it into something greater and that out of the ashes of your old self will eventually rise a fully realized version of your, a beautiful Pheonix rising from the ash.

If your a Scorpio then you probably feel at every moment there is a battle for control going on, you know it, and you feel it in your even casual conversations, and if your not a Scorpio then know and understand that the Scorpio you’re dealing with has been through it, they’ve seen strife and they’re currently engaged in a deeply transformative experience, internally battling, and cleansing years of karmic debt,ancestral wounds and curses and various other kinds of diseases.

Scorpios are the boiling pot of the planet, they’re like the energetic purifiers of the planet. So don’t attempt to misrepresent or manipulate a Scorpio or some of that firey transformative energy might be headed YOUR way! I’m not even going to begin to describe what may be a trigger or trauma for a Scorpio native because their entire life could be surmised as one long carried out trauma. Scorpio, like Libra, controls the lower organs, the nether regions of the genitals and anus. This is because Scorpios are learning what eventually becomes of the energy ingested and partaken in during moments of passion, addiction, and lust. So it’s as the Scorpio sun learns this region, she/he learns how to cleanse and excrete what is no longer serving the body or being.

This is in addition to getting an up-close and personal experience of the birth, death and life cycle of energy. When you master Scorpio energy you master the cycles of life and death, you master the underworld, thus becoming immune to the effects of it, learning how to bring healing, purification to energy and beings who were seeded carelessly and thus sprouted thorns and thistles.

It’s through your encounters with these demons and dark energies that you learn to NOT bring any more imbalanced beings into this world as you gain first-hand insight into the effects of being left in the dark and neglected. Through your mental creations using thoughtforms and ideas, or your physical creations using a physical womb to birth. The world does not need any more unaccounted children, it need not create any more cycles of trauma and Scorpios surely know this better than anyone. Scorpios are intimately familiar with loss and growing up with pain, so therefore they know how to bring exactly the right empathy and healing to this.

Sagittarius – As the season’s pass and time unfolds a new chapter for us, we emerge out of the lessons and darkness of Scorpio season, to come out to cleansed, emerging into the light of Sagittarius season. This is the energy of upliftment, power, vision, abundance, and wisdom. But not hedonistic, reckless abundance, tempered and wise abundance, the progressed Sagittarius has integrated the lessons of reckless hedonism through the trials of Scorpio season. Now it’s out the fire and into the limelight, Sag people feel no weight holding them down, its only upward momentum and grand journeys as fire is quick to rise, big visions and even bigger dreams.

With your sun in Sag, you naturally want to show people the light. You want to expand people’s points of view showing them from a high position that their dream can be reality. That the obstacles which lie on their path shrink, and minimize when they zoom out and look at the bigger picture. It’s this ability to see the connections and to see things for the whole, for the POTENTIAL that a Sag native can be declared a true visionary. By having an overarching view of ALL the different vantage points, having multiple points of view on a single area Sag not only has accuracy of vision but diversity of knowledge.

Therefore being open to other’s views, how others perceive and see the world AND being open to experiencing life through the different lenses gives Sag wisdom. This wisdom just accumulates through life, as the traveling Sag goes through a rainbow of life’s experiences. How could this scenario, get thrown out of wack? How could you go from the wise traveling Sage to the lost wandering Sag?

Well, it could come about in a few different ways, some external some internal. What you need to watch out for in your self is a hedonistic overconsumption of life’s fruit, which will cause you to be too heavy to move. Secondly, seeing all the vistas, and goals, dreams but never committing to any 1 path towards any of them. Choosing then instead to be a watcher/talker from afar or just a dreamer instead of a doer, a guru instead of a DOru.

There comes a time in every Sag’s life where they must choose a path of mastery, go down it, and what you will notice is that on that path you travel you will simultaneously make the connections to all other paths finding

the wisdom which applies to all other paths or forms of mastery at which point now you’ve ascended to the level of Sage. Which by the way has its origins in the word Sag-ittaruous.

Now through your unique and highly exalted points of view you Shepard and help others through the wisdom you’ve acquired on your travels. What I’m describing here is the elevated Sag, one who’s spirit knows the power of the zodiac sign. How could the wheels fall off for you though? Well if your around people and places that are closed-minded towards your wisdom, philosophy, ideology, and spiritual ways thus never giving you a chance to develop that facet of you. A closed mind is kryptonite to a Sag, because they can’t learn anything from them, and anything they do pick up from them is surely corrupt and will only produce more bad seeds in the mind. Making sure you surround yourself with open minds that are ready to travel within themselves to find new, fantastic internal vistas of philosophy and belief.

What does this mean? You need a partner who’s willing to travel! WIlling to go on a journey, whether externally or internally. Somebody you can take on an adventure because a person who’s willing and able to go on a journey is the kind of person whos opened minded and positive attitude would mesh beautifully with yours. The constellation of Sag deals with the chakra or energy of the thighs and hips. It’s through the power and thrust of the hips and quads that the body can carry itself upwards from prone or sitting position, I think this is an apt metaphor for the general attitude of this energy. It’s a prime mover, one who’s power can carry the weight of everything above in order it to lift it higher, and so I would hope that you too aspire to take your consciousness higher, as well as those around you to experience life from a greater altitude.

Capricorn – The joints of the knees of the zodiac sign. Much can be gleaned from the physical correspondent about this energy. For example without the knee, the entirety of the leg would cease to function shutting down completely. So too as a Capricorn leaves the workplace it feels as though and essential conjoining piece has gone missing and now the rest of the limbs are looking at each other confused as to what to do as they realize in terror that you the Capricorn Sun were doing all the work. Such is the effect of losing a Capricorn. Capricorns are the people on your team who get everything to work properly, on time and in synchronous order.

They don’t just get this done through effort, discipline, and diligence but through using their own common sense to figure out the best use of EVERYTHING, the best use of humans, the best use of ideas, even the best use of “insert something any normal human would find utterly useless” they even find use in THAT. Indeed Capricorn energy is very akin to the knees in more ways than not,

Cap Suns tend to be dense beings hard and ready for active use as their heads often bump into others as they ram through chores, work and giving orders much like the knee cap bumps and bruises but comes out strong and unscratched. These are calcium-rich people! Built-up and bony, they’d be the poster boy for any milk commercial. Ironically, however, Capricorns oftentimes suffer from bad knees, not for a lack of strength however, but due to the SHEER beating they take, as the Capricorn makes slight work out of climbing hill after hill mountain after mountain, ascending the corporate ladder, climbing to the tops of the office building, or building their OWN office building using their own fierce will power. There’s a reason Mars is exalted in Capricorn! These people are fighters and not the manic marauder Aries kind of fighter, but the corporate assassin, or the top general strategizing new ways to take over the game. You can see where the knee pain comes in, don’t you?

You see heavy is the head who wears the crown, but who’s holding up the weight of the head? It’s the knees! Keeping the entire being balanced and steady. The weight of responsibility each Capricorn carries would put most other people in the hospital due to stress overload. There’s a reason why the knees are so hard, it takes a hard head and thick skin to tackle the kinds of ambitions this sign has.

Buts its often our strongest asset that becomes our biggest weakness, because although the big hard exterior acts as a defensive fortress, these walls can quickly turn into a jail. Serving to keep you locked in as much as you keep what’s going against you, out. Every Capricorn needs to remember to learn how to lower the gates and let some love and emotional time in every once in a while. Keeping those shields perpetually up only serves to make those trapped in the kingdom restless, and eventually what you may find is that the inner emotional you, is screaming mutiny!

And nobody wants that, so be very careful about driving yourself too hard, take some time to cool off the engine every once in a while and instead of breaking down after 20,000KM like a 70’s Ford Pinto your revving steady well into the 100’s of thousands. While you may feel a need to constantly be the one to bear the burdens, going out and assembling,building and attempting to grow non stop, sometimes you can do the most growth by having the maturity to know when to stop so that you can have longevity to actually carry out your goals and ambitions rather than sputtering out and fizzing out.

With that being said, the best ways to unwind and heal as an earth sign are very intuitive. 1. Going into nature, and bathing in the vibration of your nearest forest. Natures are incredibly healing, and multiple studies show that just BEING near trees and nature is proven to reduce stress and multiple indicators of poor health. Walking through a forest and touching soil or trees with your skin is an ancient lost practice of energetic hygiene and an advanced form of meditation. When we ground and connect our feet to the soil there is a direct energetic discharge and circulation that occurs, swapping out the old stagnate energy with nature’s bountiful healing life force.

Furthermore maintaining a garden and caring for plants with water is one of the best activities you could engage in. What we put out into the universe is what we receive back. So if your taking the time to add to this ecosystem we live in, through showering love, care and appreciation for your garden, love and care is what you’ll receive back! This aspect of life is oftentimes overlooked by most Capricorns, but be the Capricorn that becomes whole, be the wise Capricorn that uses their ambition to live life fully, by not letting your ambition use you.

Aquarius – Aquarius is the sign of the unrelenting rebel, one who’s ideas fall far outside the box of mainstream opinions and dogmatic belief systems. If you have this sign, then surely you’ve noticed the antique feeling of living on this planet as if most humans were frozen in space and moving at a slower dull vibration, you may even feel like an alien from the future who came back to clean up the mess at times. You can’t help but feel like everything is just WRONG and it’s up to YOU to let these crazy monkeys know how to think like a REAL individual, somebody who using their own critical thinking instead of just following the herd. Yes indeed, growing up you were probably a hipster before it was even cool.

That’s just the kind of cutting edge influence this energy elicits in the sun position. When a spirit with this sun sign is using its energy at its highest potential it looks like your bringing much-needed change and revolution to various intellectual, social, political or spiritual fields. When a spirit is not so adept, it can spiral into feelings of unrelenting loneliness, feeling a constant need for space, and an inability to dedicate to any one person, idea or goal. Remember Aquarius is an Air sign, fixed air specifically, this energy provokes you to create a solid ideological foundation using air (communication, information, knowledge.hidden mysticism) the way you maintain friends and lovers is through putting your uniqueness on display, so that you can attract the right kind of people who resonate with the messages your putting out.

By default, if somebody resonates with your ideas, then they’ll resonate with you because your spirituality and off the wall ideological beliefs will surely filter out anybody who’s not grown enough to have their world view challenged. Having people around you that want to sign up for your revolution is important. Every Aquarius has some kind of rebellion or revolutionary cutting edge kind of an idea that they want to put into the world. Often times they just lack the fire and the passion to actually put the pieces together by taking massive action. This is where communication comes in key, through your ability to massively communicate with large amounts of people you’ll always be able to find your tribe and the right people for your situation in life.

You just have to put yourself out there in all the spaces, whether that’s a physical space like a yoga studio or a virtual one like a message board or twitter thread. Once you’ve honed in on the backbone of your ideology or new belief system, its important to connect with others like you and put yourself in places where you can SHARE WITHOUT being blocked, your the one who can bring the needed change to organizations, you have the hidden knowledge, and lesser-known facts which although may seem weird, WILL lift all boats and help people in ways you wouldn’t believe.

The trauma you faced as an Aquarius growing up is being shamed for your uniqueness, you’re biggest issue is being misunderstood. Not only do people misunderstand what you’re communicating but they often misunderstand your social ques, as your face remains static and blase at times making you hard to read if your happy, sad, etc. You need to know that your uniqueness is a gift in a world full of followers and programmed regularity.

The nail that sticks out gets hammered, but if you really believe in the ideas you have then a little battling against old outdated forces is going to be necessary as you strengthen and become the best version of yourself! Affirm to yourself that you’re no longer in that small-minded elementary/high school environment, you’re in a whole new world, with unlimited opportunities! You can use the internet to go out and find your soul tribe, connect, communicate! Spread your ideas far and wide and do what you do best, provoke deep, critical transformative thought.

Like Aquarians, Pisceans also find themselves in a world they feel like a foreign visitor in. Piscean energy endows the native with powerful, emotional, intuitive and creative abilities that few others can relate to or process. You may find yourself, going through life with your body movements but your mind active, wandering through the cosmos of your own internal creative world. A world where things are malleable and mutable, where chaotic nature actually feels more at home then the rigid regularity of stable surroundings you find yourself in. Bringing this creativity, and manifesting it here, EVEN if its but a fraction of its true potency is a tremendous life path for every Pisces sun.

You can connect to far out lands and energies, to be a bridge or an interface, between the spiritual world and the physical world. This is why, depending on how much you’ve accessed your spiritual natures, most Pisces suns have multiple encounters with paranormal phenomenon, intense synchronicities, encounters with spirits, astral projection and lucid dreaming is all par for the course for this energy. Which is why it’s paramount that you ground yourself. The source of imbalance for a Pisces sun is to get lost in another’s imagination. You’ll find as you make your way through life gently flowing down the stream, you’ll encounter other people who are chaotic and negative, and turn your internal mental world from a calm gentle sea to a whirlpool of drama.

As a Pisces, you must avoid getting stirred up emotionally by the more logical, chatty, anxious air signs out there, whose energy to you feels chaotic and anxiety-inducing. Knowing when to retreat out of social situations will do wonders for your mental health and will allow you to come back to center as you probably spend all day morphing into whatever OTHER people want to see from you. Now when your at home you can meditate, refine and reconnect with the center of you. A center that may be impossible to locate, but with time, you’ll peel back more and more of the infinite layers that make up Piscean energy. Good luck LOL!

As a Pisces you’ve probably received the most trauma in your lifetime from people questioning your perception of reality, be very wary of gaslighting, also take the time to learn more about energy and spirituality. Places like meditation studios or spiritual spaces will help you to feel more sane, since in these places you can express your self and be received by people who understand the energy and spiritual world. Also having empathy for other earth and air signs, who don’t have that same level of connection as you will help you to understand that they’re definitely not misunderstanding you on purpose, they just don’t have that same lens as you.

Grounding is very important for the Pisces sun, this could be done simply by hanging out with your Virgo or Taurus friends, or seeking out a calm spot under a tree. Focus on root Chakra exercises as your Crown,3rd Eye, and Throat Chakra are probably already active. Bringing balance to your being can be as simple as eating a lot of root foods, such as potatoes, squash and drinking burdock root/dandelion root tea. You may also find that you tend to HOLD other people’s energy, water spreads, and when other people’s negativity spreads to you it can muddy your internal waters.

So, therefore, keeping some salt and sage on you at all times so you can whip it out in a pinch will keep your aura clear of any energetic throw-up that’s been projected at you. You also may or may not know, that water heals and clears away negative energy, you probably are already drawn to bodies of water, so go spend some time meditating there! You could also simply take a shower after work for cleansing. Sound also emanates in waves, and bathing in high vibrational sound will help to attune you to receive only the highest abundant, joyful frequencies/experiences in your life. Finding the 432hz equivalent for your favorite songs on youtube, or listening to calming meditative music attuned to 432hz creates a perfect harmonic vibration which keeps out interference.