3 Reasons To Walk Out On An Astrology Reading

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Are you a person who loves astrology and/or astrology readings? If you’ve had the thought to perhaps venture out into the wild-west of the internet in search of a solid, accurate and helpful astrological reading you should at least be armed with the facts of what constitutes good astrology readings. A good astrology reading is a blend of art and science. It takes an individual who knows the facts and the figures behind each planet, sign, and house to communicate it in a way that makes sense and is logical.

On the other hand, truly great astrologers also have the ability to deliver the information creatively and in a way that resonates with the specific client. Metaphors, using visually stimulating language and empathizing with the person create a well-rounded highly engaging experience that clients will value and cherish. Utilizing both the left and right brain are critical for astrologers because a failure in either area will lead to an imbalanced reading that will ultimately be too robotic and clinical, or too wild unsubstantive.   Here are the red flags and tell-tale signs that you’re dealing with a weak astrologer.

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1.When he speaks about your love life he talks about your sun sign.

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts” “happiness is inside, go within”, from ancient Chinese proverbs to #wisdom Instagram meme quotes this notion of going within has been resonating with humans from every era. There seems to be staying power to this idea of considering one’s own internal state of being especially before venturing to make important decisions, and for very good reason too. You see in astrology the moon and sun represent two very different energies. The sun is more externally oriented and the moon is more inwardly oriented. The moon representing one’s own internal world, your truest feelings, and deepest emotions essentially your hidden world or your true state of being. Your sun, on the other hand, represents what you show the world your actions you’re your surface persona, the light that you project, as in what people see from you on the outside. With that being said the sun is more of a masculine energy that deals with the external world, taking action, how people see you, etc and the moon is more of a feminine energy, it’s internally oriented and deals with emotional states or your state of being (and by masculine and feminine I’m referring to energies and not to the human constructs of man and women you have a blend of both masculine and feminine energy!)

This is why it’s pivotal to first consider the compatibility of one’s own moon sign before making any decisions about love. You’d want the moon which is your most intimate energy to be happy since it’s your source of emotional stability and the foundation of any relationship is an emotional one! You gain emotional comfort and a feeling of love by way of the moon! And you take action and see the world by way of the sun.

In order to have an amazing balanced love life you first need to understand yourself! As in the relationship between YOUR own Sun and YOUR own Moon, so that way you won’t get confused by only considering the needs of 1 or the other, instead what you should do is blend the needs of both giving precedence first to your moon then deferring next to your sun for a perfect harmonious balance! You can think of your natal sun as the husband and your moon as your wife, except inside of you. The wonderfully wise saying “happy wife happy life” couldn’t be more poignant. When one tends to the wife inside them it will undeniably lead to harmony within the whole unit, ie you. Your moon is there to provide you with the emotional information of what you vibe with deeply and what makes you comfortable and your sun is there to provide the vision and action to move towards what keeps your moon happy. So since the moon is so much more intimate to our being and our sense of emotional security surely taking heed of those Instagram quotes wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all!

If you or your astrologer is looking for compatibility based on sun signs alone this Is a sure fire way you can run into issues, simply because a person who really loves your sun sign loves your ego and the way you look or take action. Your sun sign is the most obvious and present aspect of your personality so somebody really into your sun can miss the hidden details and intimate aspects of you.  As the relationship deepens and slowly but surely the person starts to see and feel more of your moon sign that you reveal through your reactions and responses as well as your hidden emotional states which you may or may not show. The person can grow distance and cold because they were never really interested in who you really are and they just liked the persona or more superficial aspects to your character which we all display in social situations. A moon reveals itself slowly and only through experience and trust but a sun is shining and easy to see. This is the main crux to why so many people find difficulty in love because the most important valuable aspect of you is usually the most shrouded and covered. While the most superficial and illusory is center stage.

2.He tells you that a planet or an aspect in your chart is bad or negative energy

This is a simple-minded interpretation of your chart. There is no such thing as good or bad in astrology. All value judgments are left up to interpretation and context. Let’s take a look at a common “bad” aspect in most people’s chart the square angle. Squares are said to create friction and often lead to frustrations or debilitation among the planets squaring. Well, this can actually be a great gift. For one squares in your life will manifest great challenges in that area of your life that you will eventually have to overcome for this aspect to stop bothering you. This gives you mastery and develops your will power and character since squares manifest mountains for you to eventually summit and conquer. And now what was once an issue, is now a source of your greatest power and strength since you’ve invested all that effort into overcoming it. Conjunctions and trines often leave one without a sense of need or urgency to improve in that area of their life since its already a natural gift from birth, and humans tend to use that as an opportunity to rest on their natural ability.

If one were to have a chart full of squares and so-called negative energy you can easily see how with the correct perspective what was once the greatest debilitation now becomes the greatest gift as you go through life chiseling out your talents and skill through hard work and dedication eventually becoming your own Michelangelo sculpture through hard work and dedication as opposed to a person with heavy conjunction and trine energy whose talent comes through inheritance and thus is never utilized and wasted. Square energy demands you take action so you can rise beyond and if not, then to continue suffering in that area due to neglect. And if you subscribe to theory of past lives then squares are even more beneficial since this means that the bevy of deep meaningful experiences that energy the square has manifested for you now gets carried over into your next life and now you have a cache of wisdom and experience to pull from that gets translated as “uncanny talents and abilities”.

3.Doesn’t relate your energies, planets, placements to a higher goal or doesn’t extrapolate to see the bigger picture

Your natal chart is not simply segmented energies exerting their influences in their own separate individualistic categories. But rather it’s a highly connected intersection of energies and influences each playing off each other and interacting adding to a total sum. The calculating and interpretation of this sum is where truly brilliant astrologers stand out as they can formulate totally unique, novel and accurate interpretations looking at the whole picture of your astrological makeup. An inexperienced astrologer will simply list off the effects of each planet from rote and carry on. Pay special attention that your astrologer isn’t simply reading from a script and regurgitating easily accessible information from books and other resources. A little of this is fine but talented astrologers blend their own unique interpretations and intuition to give you a truly insightful and deeply resonating reading.
Indeed each chart is unique to that individual spirit who has chosen to reincarnate on this planet for a specific reason at a specific time in order to experience life through the celestial alignments at that moment. A masterful eye can read in-between the lines to finesse out the deeper reasoning’s behind why your specific spirit; which is you, chose that specific time to come here. There are no coincidences and don’t fool yourself into thinking that something as monumental as your emergence into consciousness was an accident or matter of chance. Each natal chart tells a story, your spirits past, your present and what is to be your spirits greatest goal and ultimate destiny as you carve out and create your future.