Wolfgang Schlosser

I’ve had Psychic visions since child hood. I noticed that, from the beginning, I had the ability to give people the exact guidance they needed far beyond my years as a child. I realized that I was a channel and could tap into knowledge and wisdom from the hidden realm. The combination of Astrology and my Psychic and Clairvoyant gifts guide me in helping you find clarity, emotional comfort, peace of mind and success in your love life, career and spiritual path. My intuitive powers allow me to deliver accurate and timely channeled messages for your greatest benefit.

During the reading, I analyze your birth chart which is made up of, all the planets, zodiac signs,houses and alignments during your birth.

I translate how these placements affect you as a person and I use my psychic ability to channel messages I feel are important for you to hear and

that will elevate you spiritually and physically. You can also ask me

3-4 questions during the reading about your astrology or whatever you


You’ll come out of the reading with an understanding of your astrological energy so that you can manifest your best life and highest calling. I also give you practical guidance on how to use spiritual concepts in your every day life for a more balanced and enriched experience.

Call 6138998311 or email wolfgang@TheSecretAstrology.com to book a reading.

Client Reactions

Here is some of the data which has been gathered regarding Wolfgang’s Readings.

Client Satisfaction 97%
Repeat Client Rate 79%
Recommend A Friend 80%
Say It Changed Their Life 75%
Say it Helped Them On Their Life Path 85%

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